Apartments Near Baylor University

What to consider when searching for an apartment close to campus

Are you looking for apartments near Baylor University? Here is a guide to help you with your hunt for a place close to campus. If you don’t need any help, you can scroll past this article to see all of the apartments near Baylor.

Whether you’re car-free or just like to walk or bike, there is a lot to love about living in an apartment that is so close to Baylor. There are obvious perks like being able to sleep a little later and still make it to class on time.

Students who choose to live further away and drive to campus often have to deal with crowded parking garages or even full parking lots. They also have to buy an annual student parking pass from Baylor, which is several hundred dollars just to park in standard student parking! You can avoid all this if you choose to rent an apartment near Baylor and walk to class.

Students who live only blocks from Baylor will tell you that there is also a feeling that you are a little more plugged into campus life. You may hear the buzz of a concert on campus or stumble upon a fun event by one of Baylor’s student organizations. You’re only at college for a few years and living close to campus is one of the best ways to enjoy everything Baylor has to offer.

Now, all of those perks can come with a cost. There are many exceptions, but as a general rule, rent prices are higher for the properties closest to Baylor. That’s an easy trade-off if you can avoid the cost of a Baylor parking pass so think about whether you would need to park on campus or in a parking garage.

Apartment complexes on the edge of campus can have less availability so you may need to start your apartment hunt about 10 months in advance of move-in if location is your top priority.

Another tradeoff to consider is the congestion and parking difficulties that you may experience living near campus. School days bring a wave of cars to the area surrounding your home and that may impact your ability to get around, especially if you also have a car.

If you have decided that you want to rent an apartment near Baylor, you should think about which side of campus you prefer.

The residential area closest to most of Baylor is the part of the map that forms a triangle between University Parks Drive to the north, Lasalle Avenue to the east, and I-35 to the west. It is often referred to as the “Baylor Bubble” and almost everything in this area is geared toward students.

The area just across Lasalle Ave has exploded with student housing over the last decade or two. Here you will find mostly newer housing developments. The further from Lasalle you roam, the harder it will be to walk to class in a reasonable amount of time but biking may be a great option.

The third area with student housing that is close to Baylor is just across Interstate 35. This area is also newly developed for off-campus housing and many parts of it are extremely close to campus, especially Truett Seminary and the buildings that are home to the communications and engineering departments. The downside to this area is that you must cross I-35 to get to campus.

If you have a preference between these three residential areas, Bear Cribs has a handy feature that will narrow your search to the apartments that are in the area you like best. After selecting what you want on the homepage, you will see the green “Filter Results” section. Here you can limit your search to a side of campus. Choosing one of these areas will show you only apartments in that area.

Here’s a second feature that Baylor students love: just beneath the side of campus filter you will see a “Distance from Campus” option. This is the best way to limit your search to apartments near Baylor. The distances available here, measured in blocks from campus, translate roughly into: a short walk, a long walk, or a bike ride.

Apartments near Baylor can fill up fast and cost more, but you may decide it is worth it to be able to walk to class and be more connected with student life. Here are all of the apartments within 8 blocks of campus to help you begin your search.