Guide to All Baylor Apartments

What students should know about apartments in the Baylor area

Here is some advice about Baylor off-campus apartments and how you can find the best place for rent. If you already know what you're looking for, scroll down to see almost every Baylor apartment and get details about them.

If you're a Baylor student, choosing to go here was probably the biggest decision you ever made and finding an off-campus apartment will probably be the second biggest. You nailed the first one (sic ‘em!) and now we’re here to help you land the student housing that is best for you!

The first step is to decide what you’re willing to spend on an apartment. Luckily, the Baylor student housing market has options for every budget. Rent prices are monthly and you will have to pay a security deposit of about one month’s rent at most off campus apartments.

When deciding on your budget, decide whether it will include utilities like electricity and water. Many Baylor apartments include some utilities in rent and those can be found under “Paid Amenities” of their Bear Cribs listing.

If you already started your housing search, you’ve probably found that many places have some of the things you want but none have everything you want. So it’s important that you write down the features you are looking for and then think about what you need and what you can live without.

One of the most common student requests is an apartment that will allow pets. Another is an apartment that is furnished. Many Baylor students look for furnished apartments to avoid buying a bed, couch, and other furnishings. Not to mention the hassle of moving all that stuff. The downside is you pay a little more in rent.

Do you have any other must-haves? Apartments near Baylor offer hundreds of amenities, but here are some of the most common:

  • swimming pools
  • fitness facilities or gyms
  • covered parking
  • clubhouses
  • volleyball courts

Apartments in Waco, especially those for Baylor students, are adding new amenities and upgrades all the time to try to attract renters. These include dog parks, tanning beds, movie theaters, and pools that look more like water parks.

Another important factor is whether you want (or can stand) to have roommates. Baylor apartments are almost always cheaper for each person when you share the space with other students.

And if you want roommates but are worried about playing the role of rent collector or being held responsible for damage caused by your roommate, don’t be. Most medium and large apartments near Baylor offer individual leasing, which means you aren’t financially responsible for your roommates.

Once you know what you want in an apartment, it’s time to start your search. And here is some great news: Baylor students have a lot of advantages in the current market. Why? Because at this time there are many more available units at Baylor apartments than students. That means you can get a great deal on an apartment because property owners and managers don’t want to lose money on empty apartments.

That said, a few Baylor apartments, especially newer ones, can lease up or have limited space for the following school year by winter break. But most apartments will have plenty of spots left through the winter and into the spring. In fact, patient (or procrastinating) apartment hunters will see better prices and incentives as the leasing season progresses.

On that topic, don’t miss out on some great special offers and coupons exclusively for students who use Bear Cribs. You’ll find a gold icon in the search results for every apartment that has a special offer. Find the offer details in the gold Special Offer section on the right side of the property’s listing.