All Baylor Off Campus Apartments

A list of almost every apartment for Baylor students


Here are listings for just about every Baylor apartment for rent, plus a short overview of the process for you first-time apartment hunters.

Your first step is to decide what you can spend on an apartment. You will most likely have to pay a security deposit and don’t forget to think about utilities (like electricity and water), if they’re not included in your rent.

You may find that most places only have some of the things you want, so it’s important that you write down the features you are looking for and separate them into needs and wants.

Once you have that, think about timing. A few Baylor apartments, especially newer ones, can lease up or have limited space for the following school year by winter break. But most apartments will have plenty of spots left through the winter and into the spring. In fact, patient (or procrastinating) apartment hunters will see better prices and incentives as the leasing season progresses.

Now here’s virtually every off-campus apartment for Baylor students.