All Baylor Off Campus Houses

A list of almost every house for Baylor students


Need more space but fewer neighbors? Renting a house may be the best way to avoid friendly fire. Make a house your home and skip the extra noise! 

Parking in your own driveway makes renting a house even more appealing. You’ll never have to worry about parking fees, or who’s stealing your spot and dinging your paint job.

You can live on your own or share with roommates, and have guests over as late as you’d like. Additional bedrooms make great home offices, gyms and guest rooms, or even storage space if you need it. 

The outdoor space of a front lawn and backyard are perfect for adopting some leafy dependents! They’re great for hosting parties and barbecues as well, or just relaxing with your morning coffee. 

Check out the listings below to see all the Baylor houses available for rent.