Furnished Apartments Near Baylor

Here are the off campus apartments that come with all of the essentials


Apartments that come furnished are in high demand so here are the properties near Baylor that offer furnished units.

While some places furnish all of their units, it's also very common for an apartment to offer furnishings on only some units. So look closely at the "Floorplans & Rent Prices" section of their listing to see if only some of their floorplans are furnished.

A furnished apartment, at least in the Baylor housing market, usually includes a bed, dresser, living room furniture, and basic kitchen appliances. Many apartments also provide everyday items like a shower curtain, tableware, utensils, lamps, a television, and more.

There isn't a strict definition of "furnished" so make sure you ask for details before you rent. Now here are listings of the Baylor apartments that have furnished apartments.