Two Bedroom Apartments Near Baylor

Here's a list of off campus apartments that offer two bedroom rentals.


Two’s company, half the rent. If you want to move off campus but need to stick to a budget, a two-bedroom apartment near Baylor may be just what you need.

Splitting rent and utilities costs with a roommate makes life a little easier on your wallet. You can live with a friend, or make a new one! The expense of furnishing a swanky pad for two at the price of one definitely helps too. 

Chores like cleaning or grocery shopping won’t be all on you either. You can work out who does what around the apartment without eating up your time. Or each other’s snacks. 

If you prefer living alone but need more space, an extra room can make a great home gym, office or guest bedroom.  

Check out the listings below to see all the Baylor apartments that offer two-bedroom rentals.